What Could Possibly?
An Improvisation by the Big Jerks


Brian) What in the world could go wrong?

What could go wrong Karl? I don't see a problem, do you see a problem?

Lookit, what could happen? What, really, I mean what bad could come

from putting half of America's teenage boys on

drugs for ADHD, what could go wrong?

I'm sure it'll be fine, everything's fine.

The government spends more than it brings in in taxes

by a long shot, every year... year after year... what could go wrong?


It's like havin' a wife that has a stack of credit cards

and she doesn't know HOW they get paid

she just knows that she has a lot of credit cards


K) I think I had it when I was a kid, I wasn't treated

B) Well they keep sending me new credit cards in the mail Karl

I, apparently, have alot ofmoney in the bank

I don't know it says ten thousand dollars, so it, just use

the card, it'slike free money, what could go wrong? I have all these cards

K) Absolutely nothing

I think I had it Brian, ADD or whatever, DDT or whatever.

My mom sent me to this lil guy in a lil room and

gave me a lil test and put pencil in fronta my face

and said which way is it tipping or whatever and

I hade to do these lil games on paper and

these little connect the dot things.

I think that they thought there was maybe

I had a propensity, maybe I had an obsessive propensity to get obsessive.

Cuz I used to like curl my hair, do other weird stuff and

I used to draw things on the back of my papers.

Draw lil things. One time they saent me home

and I threw them under the bridge.

They sent my drawings and a letter to my mom and

the next day I put a bandaid on my lip

and went back to school,

that's another story, though.



What could possibly go?

What could possibly go wrong?

I ask you once again.


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